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Generous Donations Each Year Make All The Difference....

Make donations to the Pendleton Foundation Trust and help the citizens of Pendleton to improve and enhance the community around us!.

Contact Jerri Bealer  if you have questions about donating - call 541-276-3331. 

Send donations to:

Pendleton Foundation Trust
222 S.E. Dorion Ave
P.O. Box 218
Pendleton, OR. 97801



The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Your memory lingers...your goodness continues...your generosity never ends. ESTATE PLANNING- the answer to having a lasting contribution to the community that has been home to you. Through the Pendleton Foundation your trust can be established. For over 75 years the community has contributed to the Pendleton Foundation Trust making it possible to use the interest from these donations to fund many requests.Parks, schools, museums, senior citizen groups, arts, music, sports, social service organizations and the Chamber of Commerce are just some of the recipients of these funds. The Pendleton Foundation now awards over $150,000 per year in support of these Pendleton projects. This comes to nearly two million dollars that has helped improve the livability of our community. When one wishes to set up a trust, they may use cash, stocks, bonds or other assets. One may specify the area they wish to sponsor. There are tax advantages to setting up an estate bequest for the donor, and a vast benefit to the community and deep appreciation for such generosity. Your gift is special and carefully managed by the Pendleton Foundation Trust.

The Pendleton Trust has been successful because of generous estate gifts and the memorial contributions.
Many wonderful things we enjoy daily as residents of Pendleton would not have been possible without these grants.
Over one hundred thousand dollars in grants are given out yearly, and nearly two million dollars have been given in grants since 1928.

Less than six percent of the proceeds go to working capital.  Local organizations appreciate the support they have received from the Pendleton Trust. Knights of Pythias, Damon Lodge # 4, Main Street Cowboys and the Happy Canyon Foundation have made it a tradition to contribute one hundred dollars in memory of their members who have passed away.

Because of the love and generosity of the people of the community, through large and small contributions, the Pendleton Trust continues into the 21st Century with a feeling of confidence that the goals set by the founders will be continued.