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Grant Awards Selection Process Explained

The Pendleton Foundation Trust board members are sometimes asked how we determine what funds are available for grants each year. The process is that each January we determine what our total investments are at the end of the previous thirteen quarters and at our January board meeting we determine what percentage of this average amount we will make available for grants. This is
usually between four and one-half and five percent - depending on investments results. This tends to make the amount available more consistent than if we based it only on the previous year’s returns.

Using this process means we usually have between $160,000 and $200,000 available each year. We grant approximately one- half of
this amount in the spring and again in the fall. Oregon Community Foundation and other non-profits use a similar process.

Pendleton Foundation board members serve voluntarily without compensation and administrative costs run approximately six percent
of grants given annually. Compared to other non-profit organizations, this is a very low expense.

Grant Application Get the Pendleton Foundation Trust Grant application in PDF format.  The form can be filled in electronically and printed. 

Designated Grant Report Form Those organizations that received grant funds are to complete this form with an accounting of the funds spent.  Filing this form will close out the grant  with the Foundation.  It is recommended that you submit photos with this form so the Foundation can document the results of each project funded.








Foundation Announces October 2015 Grants

 The Board of Directors of the Pendleton Foundation Trust today announced that grants, memorial trust funds and scholarships given in 2015 will total $214,862..  The seven-member Board of Directors recently met to consider applications at its semiannual meeting for t he final allocation of grants this year, reported Kevin Hale, Chairperson.  The Pendleton Foundation Trust uses the earnings from money donated to the trust by
individuals, organizations and est ates for its semi-annual grant allocations.  The board has awarded fall grants in the amount of$ 84,110.46 to the following recipients:

Grants Awarded by the Pendleton Foundation Trust, October 2015

Octobder 2015

Organization, Amount and Description

*Pendleton Convention Center, $10,188.32 to purchase new audio/visual equipment for the seven new break out rooms to keep PCC updated with technology as a first class venue to host meetings and events of all kinds in Pendleton.
*BMCC Corrections Education Department, $7,860.0 to purchase technology equipment for 2 classrooms that offer English as a Second Language, Adult Basic Education and GED cla sses at EOCI, as well as college class offerings.
*Domestic Violence Services, $17,717.80, to purchase and in stall security gates for drive-through and walk-through at the Pendleton shelter.
* CAPECO, $2,550.00, to purchase and install an ADA accessible door at the upstairs main entrance of the CAPECO office building.
*Pendleton Robotics, $7,535.41, to purchase two full robotics competition fields with four laptop computers to support new and existing teams. Pendleton is preparing to host the eague competition this season, consisting of 22 different teams in our region. Go Bucks!
  *Clearview Mediation and Disability Resource, $$5,890.24 to purchase a bariatric stretcher for use with non-emergent patients, with a lift for loading. This bariatric stretcher will be shared with the Pendleton Fire Department when needed.
  *Pendleton Babe Ruth League, Inc., $4,095.49 to purchase a professional level public address system for the Bob White baseball park.
*Lincoln Primary School, $14,273.20 to purchase 40 Chromebooks which will cover every classroom and the Title One classroom.
* BMCC Athletics Department, $14,000.00 toward the cost of field improvements and equipment to establish the new Men's/Women's Soccer program at the Pendleton campus.

The Trust Board of Directors appreciates all contributions received by the Trust from individuals and civic organizations, whether given as a memorial, in honor of a birthday or retirement, a special occasion, or a general donation. Your gift gives back to the Pendleton community. A gift to the Pendleton Foundation Trust is a tax-exempt contribution and may be mailed to the Pendleton Foundation Trust, P.O. Box 218, Pendleton, Oregon 97801.

Board members are Kevin Hale, John McBee, Pat Terjeson, Ron Hughes, Brent Fife, Kathy Houk, and David Blanc. Jerri Bealer serves as secretary to the Pendleton Foundation Trust and can be reached at 541-276-3331. Please contact the secretary if you would like to be on the mailing list for our semi-annual newsletter.